I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what motivates me to keep on this journey of weight loss and towards a healthier life.

There are actually quite a few reasons I keep striving – at the most shallow level, I really just want to look better and be able to buy cute clothes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but in all honesty…it’s just not enough to keep me from diving head first into a Fun Size bag of Butterfingers. It might work for some, but not for me.

A few years ago, I did Weight Watchers for about a year and distinctly remember a meeting where we were asked to share our motivation. A friend shared hers and it’s one that has stuck with me: she didn’t want to be a fat old lady. I still love her honesty, but it also sort of struck to the heart of my own motivation.

I’m doing this for insurance.

Now, I know I can’t add one day to my life on this earth by anything I do. God’s got a plan that includes the number of my days and I’m just trying to live it…

but I can do my best to live it as well as I humanly can.

For me, that means doing all I can to insure against the diseases I know my genes are probably a little predisposed to. My Mom was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in her early 40’s. Her mom had a form of leukemia usually seen only in children in her late 60’s. Her father died far too young of a stroke. High blood pressure is prevalent in my Dad’s family, along with a few more forms of cancer. Joint problems seem to be hanging from every branch of my family tree.

The knowledge that I have all of that potentially waiting for me and for my kids, who I model for every day as I try to live an active life and at every meal?

That’s my motivation.

And I know that excess weight as I grow older will only make it more likely, so I’m choosing to fight these battles before they even start.

What’s your motivation for living a life striving towards health and wellness?


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