pure grace

We welcomed a new family member this weekend – a niece, darling as darling can be, totally precious and already loved beyond measure.

Katrina Ann, born Sunday November 6th.

She came at an interesting time for me – I realized this weekend that it’s been one year since Tom got the news that his position at our former church was being cut to part time…which, among other things, necessitated his decision to leave…which lead us to move home to California..six months of unemployment…through which God brought us to where we are now. Truly, I know we are exactly where He has called us to be, and that’s a wonderful thing to know.

And through all of this – the good times and bad, the frustration and fear and joy and praise – I have never been more aware of God’s presence and His grace.

It’s been an amazing year, and Katrina is the cherry on top.

As I was driving to meet sweet Katrina last Sunday morning, our local Christian station seemed to be playing just for me. Every worship song I’ve come to love, so many of the contemporary lyrics that speak to my soul – I was in tears most of the drive as I pondered how could already love someone so much that I hadn’t even met yet.

This song came on.

And the tears became sobs.

I was overwhelmed – by the love I felt for this precious niece, for my sister-in-law, for my brother who finally was a Daddy after wanting to be one for so long.

And I was overwhelmed by the love of our Father for us. As much as I already loved little Katrina…as much as I love my own children..it pales in comparison to the love God has for us.

There are moments that God’s grace crashes over me, knocking me over like the waves I used to jump at the beach. Yet, it doesn’t ebb and flow like the tide – it’s constant, never ending, never failing. It’s so easy to miss it, to miss His hand in our every day lives, to forget His presence in all we do.

I’m a sucker for the meanings of names, and I love seeing how we grow into them.

Katrina means pure.

Ann means gracious and merciful.

Pure grace.

The best reminder of all.


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