five for friday: why I love Make It Paleo

I’m a cookbook junkie.

I keep a carefully curated collection, read them cover to cover and have even been known to check them out from the library.

When I started reading the early reviews for Bill Staley and Hayley Mason’s Make It Paleo, they seemed to good to be true…which of course meant I needed a copy.

The hype is real, and well deserved. Regardless of whether you follow a paleo diet or not, this cookbook is incredible.


  1. Every single recipe has a color photograph. Recipes without photos are a huge pet peeve of mine – how do I know if I want to make it if I don’t know what it looks like? And the photographs are beautifully done (hence the fact I have sticky notes on at least half of the recipes in the book).
  2. The recipes are do-able. Sure, there are some more adventurous ones, but the vast majority could easily be tackled by a novice with great results. Instructions are clear, and so are the ingredient lists. The wording is easy to understand and there are amazing resources, also in photo form and including a list of kitchen tool suggestions.
  3. Paleo in a nutshell. You could easily understand and make the transition to paleo just with the information in the beginning of this book. Meats, produce, nuts and seeds, oils – it’s all laid out in an easy to read and understand format.
  4. It’s huge. No seriously, this cookbook is 448 pages…8.5×11 inches…heavy…which means the fonts are easy to read, the photos big and beautiful and it stays open on it’s own (another cookbook pet peeve).
  5. This cookbook just plain inspires. Easy to mix and match parts of recipes. Special event menus. Salads that make it fun to eat salads. Breakfast ideas beyond eggs. Paleo/primal-ish desserts that make your mouth water – I’m asking for the coconut cake with coconut frosting for my birthday next July.

I could go on and on…and in fact, I’m planning on trying a new recipe every day next week. I’ve even joked to my husband that I might just cook my way through it, and I’m still contemplating doing just that.

Well done, indeed.


10 thoughts on “five for friday: why I love Make It Paleo

  1. This is such a truthful and incredible review! I feel the VERY same way about this book and i haven’t yet been able to put it into adequate words! I think you did that for me! I think I’ll write a short review next week and simply link back to your post and tell everyone to read your thoughts! It truly is a magnificent cookbook bringing you back to the basics of real cooking! I LOVE that! Great job! Kudos to you AND the authors!!

  2. Hey girl,
    I just “added” you to my linky for “five for friday”, you completely inspired me to do something similar! I hope you don’t mind! If you’d like me to remove it please let me know! Also… i’d just love to chat with you (cannot tell you how awesome it is to find more Gf/paleo friends!) feel free to email me anytime gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com And congrats on your new niece!!

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