menu plan monday: 11.14.11

I’m doing something a little different this weekend. As we move toward the end of our Whole30, we’re getting a little bit bored with the foods we’ve been eating. To shake things up a little, and to take advantage of the gorgeous yumminess that is Make It Paleo, all of our dinners this week come from the cookbook.

So…no recipes, but I will be posting pictures to my Twitter feed and in a blog post later this week or next weekend. All Make It Paleo recipes are noted with the corresponding page number in the cookbook.

And for this week’s meatball theme at the Gluten Free Menu Swap…I got nothin’. I’ve never been a big meatball eater, but I’m hoping to find a great recipe to take to potluck next Sunday at church. If you have one, leave me a link!

Skirt Steak with Chive Butter (p. 128)
Roasted Baby Carrots (p. 336)
Tossed Salad

Pulled Pork (p. 150)
BBQ Sauce (p.306)
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries (p.340)
Steamed Broccoli

Butternut Squash Soup (p. 290)
Herbed Chicken Skewers (p. 180)

Paleo Pot Roast (p. 288)

Balsamic and Rosemary Chicken (p. 196)
Grilled Vegetables (p. 354)

church event

Grandy Ky’s Chicken Soup (p. 294)

Shared at Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday and the Gluten Free Menu Swap.


7 thoughts on “menu plan monday: 11.14.11

  1. Sounds delicious! I have a hard time making myself do a weekly menu. I usually let my son talk me out of what I was planning to make him something he likes… 😉 I do have the Everyday Paleo cookbook and will order Make it Paleo on payday. =) Thanks for sharing.

    • I wish I could say I stick to it every week…but it just doesn’t happen. There are usually at least one or two days that I punt and throw something together but even if I just hit 4 or 5 days according to plan, it’s still helpful. If nothing else, I at least remember to get meat out of the freezer =)

  2. Oh I can’t wait to see your pictures! I tried the BBQ sauce several weeks ago and it was delicious!! And my husband really liked the cajun sweet potato fries. The first time we made them we got them really crispy, the 2nd time not so much, and I cannot figure out what we did differently! lol!!

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