links: paleo love

I ended up taking an unexpected week off (excuse: raging sinus infection + 30 people for Thanksgiving = CRAZY!), but I have been keeping up with my reading. Here are a few of my favorite paleo reads from this week:

  • Painted into a corner, Jason Seib on – yes, yes and yes.
    Despite my bias, it seems like common sense to me to give up Starbucks, drive a cheap used car with good gas mileage, live in a cheaper home, stop getting your nails done, and/or buy non-designer clothes in order to feel great, look amazing, and live a long, disease free life.
    You need to read this.
    And then remember – you are worth making your health and wellness a priority.
  • I’m grateful for the hindquarters, by Cavegirleats – love her, love her writing and I’m learning to love my body. This helps.
  • Paleo lifestyle as a gift to our families, by Primal Kitchen – amen. The greatest gift we can give our children is a healthy start.
  • Forever changed, on Mark’s Daily Apple – dude. I love a success story and this one is phenomenal. Awesome.
  • The perfect paleo biscuit, by Simply Living Healthy – it’s rare that I get cravings for something breadish, but I’m trying these next time.
  • Half my weight, on Robb Wolf – another testimonial. Preach it, brother!
  • How to make really good gluten-free stuffing, from Ginger Lemon Girl – I had every intention of making a paleo friendly bread for my stuffing this year, but the whole sinus infection thing really messed with my plans. Thanks to Carrie, I pulled a loaf of kind of yucky brown rice bread I’ve been hiding in the freezer out, cubed and toasted it in the oven and made the best stuffing I’ve had in years. Was is paleo? No. But it was gluten-free, I made sure there was more other stuff than the bread and it helped me to not feel like I was missing out. I’m good with it.
  • Holiday Gift Guide, also on Robb Wolf – I’d say any of these would make a great holiday gift for any kitchen, but I really want a julienne peeler.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! I’ll be back Monday with regular posts, including a review of my first Whole30.


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