wordy wednesday: focus

I took last week off blogging to deal with some sick kids, an out of control house and a need to find some focus.

The kids are well and the house is under control…well, it’s as under control as a house can be ten days before Christmas. I’m feeling a bit more focused in some areas, but I’m still struggling with one area that I worry needs a little refining.

This blog.

I started this blog six years ago as a way to keep my family involved more in our day to day lives after we moved to the other side of the country. It’s since gone through phases as a scrapbook blog, changed with my dietary phases, I’ve written some devotionals I’m rather proud of and followed me through every other thing I’ve dabbled in. I wonder at times if I should focus on just one aspect – whether it’s paleo or something else.

Truthfully, this blog is scattered and a bit of a mess at time…

just like me.

And I think I’m going to keep it that way.

This blog is about me…about my family…my thoughts…my  passions…my struggles and my victories. Sometimes, it’s going to be about paleo or scrapbooking or new recipes or Jesus…and sometimes it will be gratuitiously cute pictures of my new niece.

I’m good with that.

We’re all multi-dimensional people, and for me to share just one part wouldn’t be who I am. I’m trying to work up a daily posting schedule, to at least give this scattered mess a bit of a framework – but menu plans on Monday and five things on Friday is as far as I’ve gotten.

My focus might not be perfect and it’s a continual work in progress, but it’s me.


2 thoughts on “wordy wednesday: focus

  1. I posted once about how I blog so my head won’t pop off…My blog has changed considerably over the years too…I love that I can look back and see where I was – and that I actually get surprised by some of my own writings. Mine spans a move across the country, struggles with marriage, faith and, of course, the birth and life of two boys…its a glorious mess. Just like me. I’m ON BOARD with the blog being a snapshot of life right now…its fantastic!

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