right now

Right now…it’s just a few days ’til Christmas.

The shopping is done

…except that we all need clothes for Christmas Eve.


Right now…Caleb is sick on the couch.


Strep, an ear infection aaaand the flu.

He’s an over-achiever.

Right now…I have six necklaces to make for Hanna’s friends.

Before tomorrow, I think.

I guess I’m an over-achiever, too.

Right now…I’m still surprised it’s cold for more than a day or two at a time.

Every morning, I walk outside and say, “Hey, it’s really cold out here.”

I seriously don’t know how to dress for cold weather.

Right now…I’m working on a menu plan for this week.

Lots of soups.

Maybe a roast in the crock pot.

Right now…I’m actually fairly caught up with my December Daily album.

I’m kind of excited about that – blog post sharing photos to come later this week.

Right now…I’m beyond excited about Project Life.

The products for Clementine are waiting under the tree, and I’ve got a little bucket started on Two Peas for some extras I want.

And I’ve only had to re-wrap it once.

Right now…the Christmas in our house is feeling just a bit cluttery.

I love that feeling when I take it all down in January.

It’s almost like I can breathe again.

Right now…I’m thinking about what my word for 2012 will be.

I have an idea.

There’s even a hymn to go along.

Right now…I’m feeling rather proud that I didn’t succomb to the cookies I helped my Mom bake yesterday.

Just a few spiced nuts and a nibble of English Toffee.

We won’t talk about how much sugar was in that nibble.

Right now…I’m thankful.

And inspired.

And frazzled.

And life is lovely.

What are you doing right now?


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