menu plan monday: it’s Christmas!

I  have one goal for this week’s meals:


We’re still in school until the 22nd (seriously nuts). Tom’s heading to San Francisco on Tuesday for a check-in with his cardiologist. We’re heading to Grandma’s house Thursday to celebrate with his side of the family and it’s just going to get crazier after that. I’m thinking soups, crock pot and maybe even soups mader earlier in the day staying warm in the crock pot. Anything to bring a little sanity to this week.

Also, this week’s plan isn’t strictly paleo – more primal. I’ll probably end up adapting the mushroom soup to be dairy free, but this cold, foggy weather has me craving broccoli cheese soup.

Here’s my plan:

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Soup (just discovered this blog – stunning and yummy all at the same time! If I can’t find organic cream – always a possibility in my small town – I’ll use coconut milk instead. either way, I’ll halve the amount called for)
Savory Almond Flour Muffins (love these!)

Roast, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Mushrooms in the crockpot

Roasted Broccoli Cheddar Soup (same on the cream and I’ll probably halve the cheese as well)
Herbed Almond Crackers (if I get crazy)

Christmas Dinner out with family

No idea. I’ll be helping get ready for Christmas Eve at my grandparent’s, so I’m thinking fast and easy like brinner or tomato soup.

Christmas Eve – my grandmother assigned me a vegetable. I’m thinking roasted carrots since they’re easy and will be quick to reheat after church.

Breakfast:  Paleo Monkey Bread, Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Dinner: Prime Rib at my parent’s – I’m bringing roasted cauliflower and I think the carrot cake from Make It Paleo.

Have a great holiday week and a very Merry Christmas!

Oh, and if you have any favorite soup recipes – especially if they’re paleo or primal friendly – please share =)


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