Project Life

I’ve been watching the evolution of Becky Higgin’s Project Life since she debuted it a few years ago.

I love the idea of a yearly record of our lives as a family in one album. Scrapbooking has been a huge part of my life for over ten years now, but in the past two years I just haven’t had time to keep up the way I’ve wanted to  – in part because paying clients took precedence over my own albums and in part because I was just feeling creatively drained.

I’ve also come to realize that scrapbooking for me is about the story – the story of our lives as a family, the things we do, the way we live. It’s never felt natural to me to focus more on embellishments than photos, to add a cute (and usually generic) title but no words.

I miss telling that story.

But I needed to find a way to make it feel organic to me again. After a lot of Project Life research (like the amazing series from Lisa Truesdell and serious perusing of the Creative Team at PL), I think it’s the perfect avenue for me.

I’m making the commitment this year to do Project Life. My album, page protectors, core kit and a set of papers are all wrapped up under the Christmas tree. I’ve been scouring blogs and pinning ideas, and as soon as I get my December Daily mess cleaned up, I’ll pull some more supplies to go along with it.

I’m truly excited and inspired to tell those stories for the first time in what seems like a long time.

A few random thoughts, as I head into this:

  • I’m hoping to have the kids do at least a journaling card a week each – so I make this a family album and not just one with my voice.
  • Pondering how to include a few favorite tweets, facebook updates and text messages each week – it’s a regular part of our life today and I want to include it, just not sure how.
  • Contemplating photos – we don’t have a photo printer here at home and I’m fed up with my Costco. I’ll definitely have to do an online developer – possibly ever 2 weeks so I don’t get too behind. I’ve been reading lots of good things about Persnickety Prints and I’m going to test them out with the rest of my December Daily prints early next week. The plan now is to figure out where photos are going each week and use sticky notes to keep me on track until the photos arrive.
    I think.
  • I’m seriously considering joining the Photo-A-Day class at Studio Calico – I miss being part of an online community and for a dollar a month, I think the inspiration will be worth it. I have a real fear of getting to February and totally losing steam and ideas.
  • I think I’ll be blogging my Project Life progress twice a month – still working on a blogging schedule for next year of some sort to help with focus, and admittedly not getting very far with it. I’m aiming to have a one-day-a-week crafty/scrappy posting day, with Project Life taking two spots a month (assuming I keep up on photo printing).

Are you doing Project Life this year? Are you blogging about it? Let me know – I’d love to follow what you’re doing!


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