december daily, part two…days 1-14

A little peek at where my December Daily album has gone on this Christmas Eve…

I love it, even though it’s becoming a bit of a stylistic mess, I need bigger binder rings and I’m sort of regretting the odd size I chose. Lots of thoughts for next year that I need to sit down and make notes about before I forget them all!

The base of my album is the paper bag cardstock from Hobby Lobby (which I might love even more than my beloved Bazzill kraft). The papers, embellishments and alphabets are a huge mish mash I pulled from my stash – all at least a year or more old…and it feels nice to get it used up!

The little tags in the pocket still need to be filled out by hubby and the kids…The pictures on the 11th and 12th were all taken on the 11th, but there were so many I spread them a bit…I’ll add photos of the rest of our new ornaments as we get them…And then it started to change a bit….

It’s becoming more of a hybrid project the further we get into December, mainly because I have more pictures I want to use. Definitely something to keep in mind for next year – I might do a digital base with paper embellishments.

I’m actually caught up as of yesterday with photos – just waiting until the 26th to send them all in to get printed in a big batch.

I’ll share the rest when they’re done next week~


2 thoughts on “december daily, part two…days 1-14

  1. Very very cute ~ I really love this idea. I realized when I made homemade calendars this year that my kids don’t do as many cute things as they once did so I don’t take as many pictures.

    But in reality they say and do funny things all the time ~ I just don’t take as many pictures! I need to remember to do this…maybe if I got my calendars done in November then I’d have time in Dec. Definitely something to think about.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

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