menu plan monday: 01.23.12

Another week of meal planning…made a little bit easier by the fact – yet again – that I threw half of last week’s plans out the window for ones that worked better for time constraints I didn’t expect.

I’m rather excited, though, to have found a non-egg breakfast – those little tasties up there we’re calling muffin tops. It’s a recipe from an awesome paleo food blogger I made a few little tweaks to, and we’re all in love with them…even our pickiest eater!

This week’s menu plan:

Southwestern Flank Steak
Chipotle Lime Roasted Delicata Squash
Guacamole (mashed avocado, diced onion, lime juice, salt, pepper, a bit of garlic, maybe some tomatoes – super easy!)

Quick and Easy Crock Pot Brisket
Roasted Potatoes (red for the family, sweet for me)
Roasted Broccoli
Kale sauteed with Bacon

Grilled Chicken with Rosemary and Bacon
Roasted Baby Carrots
Salad Greens

Beef with Broccoli
Cauliflower Rice (both from Make It Paleo)

Primal Philly Cheesteak Bowl (with about a quarter of the cheese called for)
Salad Greens

Pulled Pork BBQ (with Paleo BBQ Sauce)
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries
Salad Greens
(all from Make It Paleo)

Elana’s Pantry Pancakes (replacing the agave with half the amount of maple syrup and cooking in coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil)
Scrambled Eggs

Shared at Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday and the Gluten Free Menu Swap at Angela’s Kitchen (and check out the pomegranate recipes while you’re there – I know I will!).


10 thoughts on “menu plan monday: 01.23.12

  1. Some weeks are just like that, but I still find the menu plan a good place to start even if it gets thrown out for faster, easier meals.

    Do you do anything special for Cajun sweet potato fries, or just use Cajun spices to liven it up a little? Baked, I assume?

    • I have a recipe that I’ll try one of these days, but I have a great big jar of cajun seasoning I’m going to finish first. I toss them with a little melted coconut oil and the seasoning and then bake at 400. I try to let them go as long as possible to get them crispy…hopefully without burning!

  2. THAT is so funny, I’ve been toying with trying that Primal philly cheesesteak recipe two because I have two boxes of that thinly sliced meat!! lol… I might try it with daiya cheese! those “muffin tops” LOOK awesome! I really would love to try them! And I just made another almond flour order… so these are right up my alley! I hope you are doing well! (((hugs!)))

    • The cheesesteak recipe is awesome! I do do a couple of things differently – marinate the sliced meat in half the butter, worstershire and hot sauce and I cook first and the veggies separately (but in the same pan), then throw them together at the end with the rest of the sauce. I’ve done it with chicken too, but we think beef is better.

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  5. Yum, looks like you are filling your belly with lots of delicious goodies. Just like you I often plan my menu and then have to tweak things due to time restraints or things that op up unexpectedly. Still some plan is better than no plan at all, and definitely helps me keep focused. I’m going to try those muffin tops, they look delicious 🙂

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