Project Life: Week 3

On to week 3 – and it’s a very boy heavy one. We finally went back to school after nearly 4 weeks of Christmas break, which means my 5 day a week buddy came back and so did my bigger nephews that I take to school and pick up each day (need to get a picture of that!). We also had another cousin come over to play and a birthday party…so it was a boy week for us.

The first page – now that I look at it, it’s all about obsessions. Caleb’s Halo obsession, our current tv faves, a new running obsession and my nephew’s corndog phase. Who knew?

A couple snaps of the tv screen this week. Easy peasy.

 The second page – a bit about a much needed weather change, a little block about my nephew’s birthday party and pictures of the kid’s school bags (held together in a 4×6 pocket with a few labels).

And smudged. Boo.

This week’s Week in Review card – it ended up on the first page this week and as a 4×6. I’m working hard to make sure they get in each week, but am not going to be too particular about where it ends up.

A couple of thoughts:

  • no memorabilia this week – need to work on that, but I’m having trouble choosing to edit photos to make room.
  • trying to select one or two colors that work well with the photos to tie things together. I think it worked well this week.
  • I’m spending about an hour and a half total on this project – and it seems to be split pretty evenly between choosing and editing photos and putting it together. I’m taking notes each day in Evernote on my iPhone, which is making it so much easier.

And a quick snap of week 4…


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