getting in the picture

I’ve got a full month of Project Life done now.

It’s so much fun – already – to look through and see what we did even just a few short weeks ago. As I finished up week 4’s layout, I had to sit for a few minutes and flip through the pages. You can see week 4 tomorrow, but here are one, two and three.

And you know what I noticed?

I’m in two pictures in week one.

And not a single one in the other three.

I know, there are weeks that will naturally be more focused on different family members…but I’d still like to try to get at least one picture of each of us every week.

I tend to be a little non-existent in our scrapbooks. I don’t hand over the camera, I usually don’t like my hair or the way I look, and in those rare times I do say cheese…it’s awkward. In the 10 plus  years I’ve been scrapbooking, there are maybe a handful of pages with photos of me on them.

That needs to change.

I’m making the effort – I’m working on a more natural smile (or at least hoping someone catches me in a not-so-ridiculous pose). I’m trying to take the occasional self portrait. I’m realizing that my grandkids won’t care that Grammy Sam was having a bad hair day – they’ll just want to see what I looked like and the things I did.

It’s an effort that’s worth making, even when it means I’m handing over my new D5100 to the 9 year old.

Are you present in your families albums, beyond your journaling voice? Do you struggle with photos of yourself?



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