Project Life: Week 5

Trying to get caught up with posting…

This was a busy week – one of those weeks I dread where there’s just something every single day. I will admit it makes for a fun Project Life, though. I ended up using a lot of coral and some orange this week – it just seemed to work and I love that.

Pretty sure this is my favorite card for the whole year so far – no picture, a little bit of journaling, part of our Whole Food’s receipt and a coffee cup sleep I cut in half to take some of the bulk out. Love the story that little bit tells.

And another favorite, overall. Everything came together so easily and tells so many stories from our week.

Something I find I’m doing a lot – 4×6 collages in Photoshop. Just a little bit of white gutters to give some definition. And those Martha Stewart labels fit perfect in what tends to be the dead spots in most of my photos.

And the week in review – still able to get it in for every week, and it adds that extra little bits of life that just didn’t fit anywhere else but fill out our week.

What’s Project Life? It’s a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins to simplify memory keeping. Quite simply, it’s awesome.


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