Lenten Challenge Check-In #2

I missed a week.

It’s been a stressful two weeks since my last check-in.

And that might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever typed.

My Paleo Lenten Challenge – it’s not going so well.

We spent a few days in the San Francisco area, where Tom underwent a heart procedure at UCSF…and where we ate out for 7 straight meals. Is there some sort of law that you must be served amazing sourdough bread at every single restaurant within a 60 mile radius of the city? I tried to hold to my paleo ideals as much as I could, and while my eating wasn’t great, it could have been a lot worse.

As hard as I tried, I did end up looking like I was about 6 months pregnant from all of the stomach bloat by the time we got home. I was also an anxiety-ridden wreck – I am constantly amazed at what even a little bit of gluten and grains do to my emotional state.

On the plus side – I finally broke down and picked up a bottle of kombucha, which helped relieve some of my stomach discomfort in a way I totally didn’t expect. I’m hoping to get set up to brew my own soon, because I am just too cheap to pay $3 or 4 per bottle.

This past week, I’ve been working on making better decisions. A big trip to Costco to fill the fridge has helped with that, and so has forcing myself to take a few minutes a day to just breathe.

And I’ve been reminded again and again in all I do of this verse from two weeks ago:

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

A few goals for this next week, because small bites are what I need right now:

  • Stay tuned to that voice behind me with regular, daily Bible study, devotional and prayer time – even if it means I need to start dragging myself out of bed earlier to make it happen
  • Run 3 times
  • Kettlebell workout twice
  • Continued better choices – moving back to a full paleo framework
  • Continue to help Hanna move to a paleo framework and help her find one that works for her – I think it will help with some of the issues that have lead to our decision to homeschool again

I’ll check back in next Friday to let you know how I’m doing. Want to join me? I’d love to hear what your goals are for the next 7 days.


6 thoughts on “Lenten Challenge Check-In #2

  1. I totally understand! We traveled recently from Texas to San Diego (Coronado, actually). I contacted the local CrossFit there in Coronado to ask them where I could eat Paleo (so our vacation wouldn’t be ruined by me getting sick). There was an amazing restaurant (Candela’s) that served Paleo! BUT, it was pricey. So, we went to the health food store and stocked up on food. Our room had a kitchenette (which was worth the xtra money when we saved on eating out). It was my FIRST vacation to not get sick. I had also packed some Paleo cereals and bars in my luggage & bought almond milk when we arrived.

    My husband and I are about to embark on a week-long marriage retreat. I’m a bit nervous b/c there are no refrigerators/kitchenettes where we’re staying (in a cabin). I don’t want to ruin our marriage retreat with stomach pains, inflammation, sickness. I am bringing an ice chest/cooler. But, that won’t be enough. 😦

    I hope everything settles down in your world soon. The peace of simplicity is a soothing balm to a mom’s heart! 🙂


    • Cristal, I’m adding that restaurant to Yelp on my phone – it looks like we’re heading to San Diego in June. Have you contacted the retreat center you’ll be staying at for the marriage retreat? I’ve had luck in the past letting places like that know some of my food issues in advance.
      I should edit this post to add that it was written on Wednesday, and that day seemed to be a big turning point for my diet and exercise, and – by extension – stress levels.
      This past week has also reminded me that one of the most important aspects of a paleo framework is good sleep – it really is the cornerstone that I find everything else rests on.

      • I did contact the retreat center. They were so kind and tried to help; but there really isn’t a way to get around my dietary “demands”. I went on a mission trip to Guatemala in November and it was SO hard to find “paleo”. I ended up eating apples and peanut butter (I know it’s not Paleo; but I couldn’t find almond butter).

        Have you found it difficult to describe your eating needs to others? I can’t just say meat, veggies and fruits. They’ll put who-knows-what on the meat and I’ll be sick for three days. 😉

  2. I hope your husband is recovering well from his procedure. Don’t be too hard on yourself because I am sure this was a very stressful situation for your family. Simply learn from it and move forward.

    What type of exercises are you doing in your kettlebell workout?

    Goals for the next 7 days: stay of out trouble at work, declutter my living room because we are having a party next weekend, incorporate more single leg work into my training sessions.

    • I have the Reebok kettlebell that came with a DVD. There are 3 options – beginner, advanced or both. I usually do the advanced…mainly because I’m afraid my arms will fall off if I do both. It’s on my list to tackle soon.

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