Paleo Lenten Challenge Check-In #3

My husband summed up this week in a word perfectly this morning.


There’s no better way to put it.

I started this school year with one nephew spending the day with me and my husband working at home for the first time in our 15 year marriage.

It was an adjustment.

In the past few weeks, we’ve added another nephew and homeschooling our 14 year old…baseball practice…doctor’s appointments every time I turn around…the time change…a new Sunday school program…and that’s just a glimpse.

They’re all good things.

Really good things.

But I’m struggling.

Big time.

I don’t like admitting failures – truly it goes against my nature. I like to gloss things over and stuff my struggles into a little box, and forget about them. At the same time, transparency is incredibly important to me and to this health journey I’m on.

I haven’t adjusted to all of these changes yet.

Last week’s goals?

Didn’t even get close on a single one of them.

This week, I’m shooting for the same goals…and I’m giving myself a lot of grace. I’ve got new schedules to figure out, more demands on my time and a 3 year old nephew that has decided he no longer needs to nap until after 2, if he naps at all.

  • Stay tuned to that voice behind me with regular, daily Bible study, devotional and prayer time – even if it means I need to start dragging myself out of bed earlier to make it happen
  • Menu plan – it’s been over a month since my last, and it is truly an integral part of keeping my eating and exercise on track
  • Run 3 times
  • Kettlebell workout twice
  • Continued Start over again with better choices – moving back to a full paleo framework
  • Continue to help Hanna move to a paleo framework and help her find one that works for her – I think it will help with some of the issues that have lead to our decision to homeschool again
  • Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.

I’ll check back in next Friday to let you know how I’m doing. Want to join me? I’d love to hear what your goals are for the next 7 days.


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