Menu Plan Monday: 03.16.12

It’s been over a month since my last actual menu plan – long enough, in fact, that I couldn’t remember my Plan to Eat sign in!

That is not a good sign.

And I’m reminded again that, for me at least, a menu plan is the cornerstone of my homemaking. If I’m not planning meals, the rest of the house tends to be a bit chaotic. If I’m not planning meals, I’m not eating well…and if I’m not eating well, chances are I’m not excercising. It’s a vicious circle, and with all of the changes we’ve made recently, it’s one I’ve been drowning in.

No more. I pulled out my trusty cookbooks, looked through a few Pinned recipes and am ready to go.

Those cookbooks I can’t get enough of right now?

Well Fed – definitely more for an adult palate, but super inspiring
Make It Paleo – I’ve yet to have a recipe from this one fail me. It’s excellent.

Here’s this week’s menu plan:

Tri Tip
Roasted Baby Carrots
Sauteed Mushrooms
Baked Potatoes (for the rest of the family – I’ll skip it)
Green Salad

Red Curry Glazed Chicken Skewers
Roasted Cauliflower (drizzling with coconut oil and a vadouvan spice mix I picked up recently)

Wednesday (first Little League game of the season and last Lenten prayer gathering – it’s going to be crazy)
Balsamic and Onion Pot Roast
Kale sauteed with bacon
Mashed Potatoes (making extra cauliflower the night before for me. and no, I really don’t mind eating it several nights in a row)

Whole 30/Paleo Chicken Curry
Cauliflower Rice (working on roasting first, then ricing – seems less soggy that way)

Skirt Steak with Chive Butter (from Make It Paleo)
Grilled Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli

Pork and Cabbage Stir Fry
White rice (for the kiddos)

Leftovers/Mom’s night off

Shared at Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday and the Gluten Free Menu Swap at Celiac Family.


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