the message

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

My favorite 94 year old quoted these verses to me the other night at our church’s St. Patrick’s Day Pancake Supper and Family Night.

I think everyone should have a favorite 94 year old. Mine lives on her own, still drives a giant Cadillac everywhere, wears gloves and is completely adorable. She knows her Scriptures inside and out, and recently asked for prayer to help her be a better servant. Seriously, the woman is phenomenal and wise and has a better memory than I do…at half a century younger.

But we were chatting and she said those verses, and they just stuck with me.

And then – wouldn’t you know it – Tom based this week’s message around them, and they sunk in a little bit deeper.

rejoice always – do I find joy in all things?

pray continually – is prayer as integral to my life as breathing?

give thanks in all circumstances – do I truly see all God has given me, even in times of struggle or strife?

I’ve been so weary lately…that sort of weary that puts you in bed early and leaves you groaning when it’s time to get out. It’s been week after week – and weekend after weekend – of busy-ness. I feel like I’ve hardly been able to catch my breath.

And I’m realizing – in all of the craziness and life and running – that I’m over-looking some incredible blessings. I’m homeschooling again, something I really didn’t want to do…but I need to rejoice in the opportunity that I have to spend time with my child and to make the best decisions for her. I have two more kids at home with me each day…and I should be thanking God for this beautiful parsonage He’s provided for us that has space for everyone, and then some. Weekends are busier, with Sunday school now and potluck’s and longer days on Sundays…and I’m not giving thanks for all of the new faces at church that God is bringing.

More importantly, I’m not praying. As my day has become more hectic, the one part that shouldn’t be allowed to slip – my prayer and devotional time – has. Instead of bathing each day in prayer and abiding in Christ, I’m trying to get through each day under my own power.

It isn’t working.

I think my favorite 94 year old is on to something.

This week, I’m plugging into the right Power Source.

I think it’s going to be better.


1 thought on “the message

  1. Thank you. I am only reading this one now. I do not have a strong church based faith, although I am a believer, and do pray, but I have written down those verses now, and will hopefully begin more daily reflection. I love your blog….I found it through Whole 30. Thanks again for this wisdom.

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