nailing down the plan

In my post a few week’s ago about the lesson’s I’ve learned this past Lenten season, it was painfully obvious that things just aren’t working.

I need a new plan.

The old one – eating foods I shouldn’t, not exercising, totally mis-managing stress, neglecting my Bible study and prayer time, and a lack of structure to my day – wasn’t working.

At all.

I’m still working on some sort of framework for my day, but I think I’m getting closer. Right now, this could be my ideal:

6 am – wake up, exercise and shower

6:45 – wake rest of family, make breakfast

7:20 – nephews arrive

7:50 – take big boys to school

8:00 – meet with Hanna to go over homeschool assignments for the day

8:15 – Bible study, quiet time

rest of morning – play with Ian, laundry, cleaning, kitchen needs, help Hanna as needed

12:00 – lunch

12-1:00 – Ian down for a nap (hopefully), time for whatever project I currently need to spend some time on

2:35 – pick up boys

3:45 – boys go home, start dinner

4:30 – dinner (Little League game nights)

5:30 – dinner (non-game nights)

6:30 – kitchen cleaned, homework done, family time (non-game nights)

9:00 – bedtime

I know. In bed at 9…it seems a little early, but truthfully our entire family is in bed at 9 most school nights. For me, a good night’s sleep is crucial and it’s a pillar of every paleo/primal/ancestral plan out there for good reason.

I’m also working toward a few other changes:

I started the 21 Day Sugar Detox (finally) yesterday. My Mom has been going strong on it for a week and is amazed at the results so far. I’m hoping to stay on it through the end of April and then get back to a solid paleo diet.

I’m working hard to heal my gut (the more I read about leaky gut, the more convinced I am that it might have been the root of the serious health issues I had develop a few years ago). I’m taking a probiotic supplement, finally got brave enough to order supplies to get started making kombucha and am working on implementing more gut-healing foods. Some time ago, I stopped making my own bone broth and have missed it. I’ve got a chicken thawing to get a batch started. I found I really enjoyed a mug of broth a la Nom Nom Paleo, and I’ve been terribly tempted to pick up a pressure cooker to make it quicker.

I’m also reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I ordered it a month or so ago, but it fell to the side as things have been hectic. I’ve heard so many good things about it, and my brother-in-law (the CrossFit trainer) flipped through and liked what it said about exercise. Time to dig in.

Finally, I’m bringing back the daily and weekly to-do list. It just keeps me on track, and it helps to have it all in one place. I’ve been trying to tame the schedule using my iPhone calendar and it’s just not working. I need it on paper.

How do you tame your day and stress? I’d love to hear more ideas – I’m sure I’ll be tweaking this as I go!


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