right now…

right now…

  • we have 18 days of school left…not that I’m counting or anything.
  • I completely forgot we have a Little League game tonight.
    ’cause I’m awesome like that.
    our friend from Florida that’s stopping in for a few days is probably getting fed dinner at the game.
  • I’m fairly positive Hanna has strep throat. luckily, we already have a doctor’s appointment for Caleb this afternoon and the doctor said he’ll see them both.
  • I’m seriously praying about and looking into going back to school to pursue a nutrition degree.
    like, for reals.
    I’m equal parts terrified and excited, and there’s a lot of work to be done before I can even start.
  • I only have nine more days with my little nephew that spends every day with me – his dad’s school gets out early. I’m going to miss him like crazy. last week, he was Buster, the rainbow puppy. today, he was a baby crocodile. life is just a little more awesome when he’s around.
  • I’m still on a bit of a family reunion high from this weekend. so fun to get together with family from all over the place and meet everyone’s kids. I even talked to one cousin who’s daughter went paleo due to health issues that were surprisingly like mine considering we’re something like second cousins once removed.
  • I’ve managed to gain a few pounds. I blame vacation and guests and stress. back to full paleo today and running in a few days when the swelling from the junk I’ve been eating goes down. it’s amazing to me how much I feel just a few extra pounds now, and it’s been incredible to really see what eating a few bad meals does to my body.
  • somehow, in the timespan of about 15 minutes, we decided to offer and then planned out a VBS for this summer. we’ve gone back and forth, but I’m really convinced it’s something we need to do as a church this summer…and it’s awesome to see so many members of our congregation get excited and jump on board. I’d blame Tom’s great sermon on Jonah yesterday, but we’d already decided before church even started. that sermon definitely confirmed it, though.
  • I nixed the idea to homeschool through summer. we all need a break, but we’ll still be having some reading time each day.
  • 18 days. I just can’t wait for summer break.

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