thankful thursday: 05.17.12

It’s been a busy week. Open house at Caleb’s school. Multiple doctor’s appointments. The last week of Little League (assuming we win the game tomorrow night – if not, there’s one more game to determine firt place). And we’re hosting our fourth house guest in the last six weeks.

It’s been a little tiring – so many guests in a rather short amount of time – but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We’ve been blessed to have so many of our former youth kids and volunteers turn into dear friends, and it’s incredible to me that they want to come visit us from all the way across the country.

I love having them here – seeing them interact with the kids (who have very much missed their youth friends and leaders), having someone to chat and reminisce with, and getting to show off a little bit of this Golden State.

Truly, California is a beautiful place to live. We’ve visited the giant trees in Kings Canyon National Park, the meadows and mountains of Yosemite, the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz and the Golden Gate Bridge while in San Francisco.

And In & Out Burger.

Lots of In & Out Burger (I’m partial to an animal and protein style double double with extra pickles myself).

It’s also been a reminder of the legacy we leave every time we invest in any one with the love of Christ. One of my greatest joys comes from seeing how God uses these lives we’ve been so blessed to be a part of.

Our last guest leaves today and, while it will be nice to get back to a more normal schedule, I’m going to miss the excitement of these past weeks.


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