right now…06.12.12

  • School is officially out…and all those goals and plans and such I’ve been working on for summer?
    I might get to them in July.
    Our June is just ridiculous.
  • I have a hair appointment next week. I think. I’m totally amazed my hairdresser (who is the *best* I’ve ever had, by the way) still takes me. I either put my appointments in my calendar wrong or I forget them completely. I’ve never been so bad about appointments.
  • Back to exercise and back to eating properly. I’m using My Fitness Pal to track for a few weeks – not to count calories, but more to keep me from mindless eating and to make sure I’m getting as much veggies as I need.
    Fruits are not a problem. Well, maybe they are – it’s been a cherry, apricot, strawberry, blueberry and watermelon orgy around here lately and I know it’s adding up to way too much sugar for me.
  • We’ve got a new member of the family, in the form of a bright pink snake skin scoliosis brace.  The difference in braces since I was young is incredible and we’ve been told that if she wears it properly, Hanna can actually see improvement in her curvature. We’re all praying it works – one of my brothers and my sister both had surgery for it, and I’m praying Hanna doesn’t have to go through it.
  • VBS – for the first time in years, our little church is offering Vacation Bible School, and we’re all excited. I’d really appreciate your prayers – that the week goes smoothly and that we’d fill up with kids who’s lives can be touched by Jesus. We start decorating Friday, and we’re all excited.

What’s going on in your life right now?


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