five for friday: 08.17.12

five things that are making my life better right now…

This boy is back, and he says things like…

“Aunt Sam, it’s a good thing I came back. You need me! I smell things”
(while helping me cook)

“Oh, what a cute hamster”
(when looking at a picture of himself, of course)

“Finally! That’s where I’ve been sposed to be.”
(upon stepping on my scale and hearing that he weighs 38.4 pounds)

And this one started high school.

High school.

And so far, after one whole day, she’s loving it. All of her classes have at least one friend, she knows her schedule already and she’s excited.

She’s also the fifth generation in my family to attend DPHS, and I think that’s kind of amazing. Half of her teachers taught when I as there, though I never had any of them. And Aunt Carrie also happens to teach freshman English, and it’s just nice as a mama to know you’ve got someone watching out for them.

This one’s had a rough summer, after a rough year. He’s having some severe stomach issues – that he’s undergoing some extensive testing for – and some other stressors, and we made the decision last week to do virtul school with him. I’m not totally comfortable with the decision yet, but I know it’s what he needs right now. He’s been so sick since we moved back to California, and ultimately I know we need to find out why. His first day is a week from Monday, and he’s truly looking forward to school. After a long year of fighting to get him there each and every day, that’s enough.

Still loving Turbo Fire, almost seven weeks in. Also, loving my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. And yes, that’s duct tape on the toes of my shoes – too much friction to do some of the turns and kicks without it. I’m a little frustrated that I’m still losing weight so slowly, but I can’t believe how much stronger I am and I know I’ve had some serious muscle development.

recipe here (big thumbs up from us)

And I’m still loving my paleo/primal/ancestral/anti-inflammatory way of eating, and considering another Whole30 soon. I love that I have energy and clarity of mind to deal with all of the craziness life throws at me. And seriously, if you’re interested in learning more about what it’s all about, please pick up a copy of Practical Paleo. Out of all of the books I’ve read on the subject – and there have been a lot – this one is just incredible. I wish it had been out a year ago when I started my own reading. Awesome recipes, solid info, infinitely adaptable…amazing.

What are you loving today?

And I promise – more regular blogging coming…soon. Still trying to get our new school year schedule figured out.


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