the freshman

first day of school, with Aunt Carrie

Two weeks ago, the girl started high school.

High school!

It was a long, hard road through middle school to get here. We homeschooled for sixth grade, she started seventh at the massive public middle school, transfered to a small, private Christian school for a few months and ended up back at a smaller public school after we moved back across country. That’s where she started eighth grade, though we finished the year at home again due to some struggles.

Honestly, I had no idea what was going to happen this year.

Last Spring, we’d decided to enroll her in one of the approved Virtual Schools in our state. By May, she decided she really wanted to go to our town’s high school and have that high school experience. I met with one of the counselors, we put a plan in place…and I spent the entire summer praying.

She was nervous, yes, but she’s blown us away with how well she’s doing so far. She loves her classes (well, most of them), she has a wonderful group of friends, she’s talking about maybe running for freshman class secretary and joining the Blue Crew (a student spirit club) and FFA and maybe even raising a pig to show at the Spring fair.

And while I’m in complete denial that I actually am old enough to have a high school aged child, I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her. It’s so hard to know how much freedom to give, but we’re trying to say yes as often as we can to give her the best high school experience she can possible have. All of the sudden, she’s older, more mature and there are days I look at her, and don’t even recognize this young woman she’s become.

I know there will be ups and downs, heartaches, disappointments and more to come over these next four years, but I thank God for the peace and excitement of these first few weeks.


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