hello, October

October and November are the months when my soul is happiest.

There’s something so incredible about the change of seasons, especially while living in a farming community. The cotton has blossomed, turned to bolls and burst into fluffy white balls. The corn has reached to the sky, gone golden and is being harvested. Pomegranates hang, giant red ornaments, on trees. Some fields are already plowed under, ready for Spring.

It’s easy to see God’s hand and provision living in a place like this.

It’s also when we see church life explode. Holiday bazaars, family events, more crowded services, favorite hymns. I treasure this time.

Last year was our practice year, and we set up some wonderful new traditions last year. Our Great Pumpkin Party will forever be one of my favorite church memories, and one that we’re repeating this year. We’re talking about adding a barbecue potluck or family homecoming in November to coincide with the end of a sermon series. And at our second church, they celebrate a Hanging of the Greens service – one of my favorite traditions we enjoyed in Florida.

What I’m looking most forward to is Christmas Eve service. The candlelight, the sacred songs, the families together to worship. But mostly, I look forward to our children’s Nativity.

It’s not planned.

It’s not practiced.

Last year, we were furiously pulling together costumes as kids came in. This year, we’re hoping to be a bit more organized…but just as welcoming.

There is always room in our Nativity for another angel, another shepherd and, if we get desperate, a sheep or two. Not sure about ninja shepherds, though. That might be a one year only sort of thing.

Isn’t that we should be about as a church?

Welcoming all, making room for all, giving each and every person the space for Grace to act.

5 Minute Muse: trying to get back in the habit of writing for joy. Setting the timer and writing, no editing.

I’m praying that for this new season – the space for Grace in all we do and all we say.


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