November 6: Aunt Cindy

Every family has that one person that just is always there. You know the one – it’s the person that comes to help before help can even be requested. They don’t need accolades, they don’t need to publicly thanked or patted on the back. They do it because it’s who they are.

In our family, that’s my Aunt Cindy.

She’s the one that plans wedding and baby showers and family reunions, and makes sure everyone knows what to bring for holidays. She’s the one that gets up from the table to get things for others and, when everyone else moves to the living room, she goes to the kitchen to get started cleaning. She is there for my grandparents – uncomplaining and unfailing – for whatever they need, as she is for the rest of the family. She is welcoming and kind, and she makes the most incredible cookies you’ve ever tasted. She makes things better just by being who she is.

When I was little, she was the cool aunt that drove a Camaro, always had Juicy Fruit gum and wore her sunglasses like a headband.

Today, she is my hero and I’m so thankful for all she does and has invested in me over the years.


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