project life: looking forward

Cover Page


I started Project Life last year, full of good intentions…that lasted until about May.

I’ve been doing monthly pages since, and it’s worked out better for me. It’s more sustainable for me when it comes to the time I can give the project, and I honestly just don’t feel the need to document every little thing and scrap of paper that comes into our home. I also don’t have a dedicated scrap space anymore – I’m pushed into a corner of the library at the moment – and that makes a huge difference in what I can get done.

Week 4 Page 2

I love having this album to look back on, even though it’s still a month or two behind. I was peeking through it the other night and it’s even more special considering some of the losses we’ve had this past year (that I still need to document). That peek back also helped me realize I want to really focus more on people and less on stuff.

Week 9 Left Page

For 2013, I’m seriously considering going all digital and having photo books printed for each of the kids and one for us. I was considering a collage photo layout with a journaling layout per month, but I really love ease and framework the templates that are available and the childhood editions too. My tentative plan is to continue with a monthly layout, and possibly add in an extra two page layout for any special events, trips or holidays and maybe an extra one for family members in general.

Have you tackled Project Life this year? What are your plans for next year?


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