five for friday: paleo reality bites

Hmmm…not reality bites as in reality bites…more as in a few quick thoughts…

  1. I continue to be excited and amazed by how good I feel when I eat paleo. I’m also surprised that for the first time in my life, I don’t wake up starving.
    I’ve always woken up with my stomach growing and have had to eat first thing. Now, I wake up and can take care of getting the kids off to school before enjoying a more leisurely breakfast.
    Stable blood sugar is a good thing, friends.
  2. I added up a guesstimate of all of the money I’ve spent over the years on Weight Watchers, online programs, diet books, even shots…and it was scary. All along, all  I ever needed more fat, more protein, more vegetables, along with less sugar, no grains, no processed. Real food.
    Good to know.
    And I’ll keep doing all I can to spread the word: you can lose weight and get healthy without counting calories or points, and while eating real food that tastes good.
    Even bacon.
  3. I only lost about 3 pounds in January, putting me back at where I was at the end of my Whole 30 (I dove head-first into some not-great holiday eating – trust me, a few pounds gained was nothing compared to how terrible I felt). Kind of disappointing, but I added up the inches I’ve lost in the past two years yesterday.
    In two years, I’ve lost 48.5 inches when I add up the 8 spots I measure.
    Holy cats.
    Nearly 10 inches from my waist alone. And about a third of that has been since I went paleo in September.
    I felt a lot better about that 3 pounds.
  4. I stopped my second Whole30 on about day 8 while I was watching my son make his lunch for school: cheese, saltines and an orange. I had a bit of a bit of a lightbulb moment that I need to work on what the rest of the family is eating, and it’s easier to do that if my eating is a little bit looser than what a Whole30 allows. I’m sure I’ll do another one (maybe summer?) but until then, there’s more important work for me to focus on.
  5. I’m doing Clean Eats in the Zoo’s 30 Day At-Home Cross Fit Challenge, in addition to a couch to 5 k trainer right now. For the first 3 or 4 months of eating paleo, I didn’t exercise.
    At all.
    I started back to the gym last month, and was just miserable there. I’m finding I really want to be outside and am surprised again by how much I like running. And how much I like strength training, especially my kettlebell workouts.

And a few quick goals for February – and hey, what do you know! They fit in with my 2012 goals too:

  • another 3 or 4 pounds and another 2 inches down would be awesome. 5 pounds would be even more awesome, but I know I’m building muscle with these workouts
  • 25 workouts – split between the challenge, running and the kettlebell
  • keep up with my daily devotional and prayer time

What are your Febrary goals?


hello there, 2012

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There’s something so deliciously lazy and contemplative about this week between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve had a bit of time to just sit and think this week about goal’s for 2012. I spent a little time pondering my word from this past year, amazed at how His vision has carried us through this crazy year.

2011 was such a year of transition.

I’m hoping 2012 is more of a year of putting down roots and growing.

My big goal, and my word, for 2012 is simple:


My goal for 2012 is to continue to seek wellness – body, mind and soul.

To break it down a little more:

Body – continue with this paleo diet and lifestyle, knowing that – for me – it is the key to physical wellness. I have about 15 more pounds I’d like to lose, and then I just want to learn to live and maintain that weight. Exercise has slipped from my routine for these past few months, and I need to find the best workout for me.

Mind – I’ve seen over these past few months how integral creativity is to who I am, and how much I need it to calm my frazzled brain. I’m commited to Project Life, have several vacation scrapbooks I want to finish, am hoping to make the time to scrap those everyday pages again and have been wanting to take up some sort of needlework.

Also, I want to keep learning and implementing – about food, about nutrition, about budgeting…and there’s always more.

Soul – so much of what’s good for my mind and body is good for my soul, but I also need to be more consistent in my time with my Creator. It’s the first thing to drop when life gets crazy, and it’s the one thing that shouldn’t. His is the well that doesn’t run dry.

And more frivolously…I will get over my fear of cooking shrimp and save enough to buy my new camera (luckily, it will take time because I’m totally undecided between a Nikon DSLR and one of the new mirrorless cameras).

Are you ready for this new year, this new beginning?