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Why Paleo?
Paleo Basics (just the facts, ma’am)
Flirting With the Caveman (deciding to go paleo)
Me Like Cave Food (seeing results)
The Whole30 (starting my first one)

A Little Paleo Yoda (or, just do it)
On Motivation
5 Things I’m Loving About Paleo (part 1)

Tips, Recipes and Other Compilations
Paleo Hints (five things friday)
Paleo Potluck Ideas (staying true when you can’t control all the food)

Link Love (aka: people who know a lot more than me!)
Paleo Parents
The Food Lovers Primal Palate
Mark’s Daily Apple
Robb Wolf
Nom Nom Paleo

Buy the Book (books I personally own and love)
The Paleo Diet Solution (Robb Wolf)
Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals (Mark Sisson)
Make it Paleo (Bill Stale and Hayely Mason)
Eat Like a Dinosaur (by the Paleo Parents – love this book!)


6 thoughts on “Simply Paleo

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  2. I just found your site and love it! Congratulations on your weight loss! I know how hard it is. I am a mom of three and am working really, really hard to get all the weight off that I gained from being pregnant, the last two pregnancies being only 5 months apart. I have lost 30 lbs recently but have another 60 to go, I think.

    I am a Jesus follower, too, and my husband and I have just gone Paleo in the last month. I found this totally amazing way of eating/baking/enjoying food that has saved me when entertaining, which we do an awful lot. It used to derail me but not anymore. Check out Elana Armstrong’s website and recipe books. She is truly amazing in what she can do with almond flour and coconut flour!!!!!! You can make everything from scones, bread, pie crust (yes!), and everything in between. The almond flour/coconut flour is so high in protein and fibre, and so low in carbs: it’s totally Paleo and you only eat a small amount and you’re done! No roller coaster of blood-sugar highs and lows, no cravings, no over-eating. She is recommended by Mark’s Daily Apple. You feel like you are eating a wheat scone/muffin/cracker/etc. but you’re not!!! It totally takes away the cravings and makes me feel a little more normal when I am eating so differently compared to those around me these days. I really feel I can make these changes permanent with this amazing way of Paleo eating.

    The neat thing is my son (who is 6) loves eating Paleo. We have to beg him to eat some starch sometimes (he is very lean and so active, he needs some carbohydrates!). We sort-of eased ourselves into this way of eating for the last few years by trying organic gluten-free (my husband and I are both gluten sensitive but not Celiacs) but still found we craved, overate badly, and had pretty major blood sugar highs and lows. We experimented and just found we felt best eating low-carb (ie: no starches), with some fruit, nuts, and dairy in there, too. (Have a hard time giving up dairy, I love cheese so much.) (We do consume raw, organic dairy, though). Now I can eat coconut milk guilt free! I also love Susanne Somers’ recipes and now with Elana Armstrong’s recipes added in, I have an amazing repertoire to choose from. I am eating real food; full-fat, in its natural-state, as God intended! We all feel amazing and the blood-sugar-blahs and sugar- hangovers are a thing of the past.

    Thanks again for this great site and God Bless!
    šŸ™‚ Nicole

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