August goals

It’s August.

We did a little back to school shopping yesterday, for my freshman. I can’t tell you how over-whelmed I am by that. I am not possibly old enough to have a freshman in high school, and she is not possibly old enough to be a freshman in high school.

I always wonder how our lives can possible get crazier…and then they do. Back to school for the kids, a second church to pastor for Tom, more needs to fit in our busy hours, and hopefully back to school for me. I’m still not sure how it’s all going to work or what our days will look like, but I do know I’ve got to be on track with my eating and exercise to even attempt it all.

So I set a few goals for August.

Because, you know, my summer ones have just gone so well.

And by well, I mean mostly not at all…except the house isn’t a disaster and we’ve actually been eating fairly well.

But for myself, this month I plan to:

  • continue with month 2 of my Turbo Fire plan – which is harder and longer and will require me being up by 6 once school starts
  • lose 5 pounds – although more would be nice, but I’m being realistic
  • walk or swim 3-4 evenings a week – which seems to be helping me sleep better, burns a few extra calories and just seems to help my mental health in general
  • keep eating the way I have been, but cut back to 2 servings of fruit a day – funny, I think this will be the hard one. all of the fruit I love is in season right now, but I know I need to keep my sugar and carbs a little bit lower than I have been.

Have you set any goals this month? I’d love to hear about them! If you want to share, I’ll try to post a weekly check-in.


In the Studio – 08.29.10

Oh goodness, has this ever been a crazy week!  I think I'm only about 4 days behind with this post…which seems to be the way life is right now. 

A quick note – this is my last week of full listings until the middle of September.  I'm getting ready to head back out to California for my brother's wedding and while I will be continuing to list while I'm out there, it will only be items that travel easy like my Simply Sets and possibly a few borders and titles.

That said, I'm a bit sad to be taking a break from layouts for the next few weeks. I've really been enjoying this week's and I'll miss working on them.  Hopefully, I'll be able to bottle up that enjoyment and inspiration, and open it up when I get back home!

Harvest of Fun Final A Harvest of Fun! – I think my longing for Fall is already here, which isn't a good thing when you live in the state that Fall forgot!  I've got sketches and plans for at least another half dozen different Fall layouts, and I can't wait to get to them…but right now, I really love this one!

Back to School Final 
Back to School – Love this one, too!  I've had a few requests for more back to school listings, and I'm happy to oblige…expecially when I've got bears and papers as cute as these to work with.

We're All Ears! – Disney layouts tend to be some of my most requested, and I adore this one.  Sweet bears, fun Mickey paper and a sweet title – perfect for those favorite family moments!

B Fireside Final 
Fireside Fun – Just one border this week, but it's a cutie!  Perfect for camping, cabin trips, or even backyard marshmallow roasting.

SS Lil Pumpkin Complete Set 
Our Li'l Pumpkin – I really love this Simply Set…maybe because that little cutie peeking over the pumpkin reminds me of my own little pumpkins!  With lots of photo mattes, several piecings, a title and journaling tag, all you have to add is background paper and memories!

SS Book COmplete 
Lost in a Book – Reading is such a huge part of who we are as a family, and it's also an important memory for me to keep in our scrapbooks.  Perfect whether it's a first time reader or one who's never without their nose in a book.

From the Studio – 08.12.10

I think I'm finally getting back into some sort of groove in the studio.  Thursdays through whatever I need of the weekend is set aside for working on piecings, with the early part of the week for putting them on  layouts and other such stuff.  For now, it seems to be working quite swimmingly…we'll see how well I can wrap all of my other responsibilities – and maybe get in some personal scrapbooking – around it once school starts!

I was able to get three new layouts completed this week.  My goal – once the our weekly schedule works itself out – is to list two to three layouts, along with more of the less expensive items like borders and Simply Sets.  Again…we'll see.

Happy Trails Final 
Happy Trails – I don't do them very often, but I always love cowboy/western themed layouts!  I'm still cutting by hand, which makes me extra-thankful for the patterns made by Treasureboxdesigns.  Hers are just a bit easier to cut by hand – with larger shapes and great layering.

Princess in Training Final 

Princess in Training – more Treasureboxdesigns patterns.  This layout just reminds me of Hanna when she was three or four years old, and everything was all about dress-up, princesses and pink.  As girly as they get!

S'more Fun Final
S'more Fun – this layout is killing me!  Somewhere between finishing it up and getting it photographed some of the blue cardstock at the top got bent.  I've never had that happen before, and it's just making me sick.  It's such a sweet layout – I couldn't bear to toss it, so I listed it with a lower starting bid and am crossing my fingers someone gives it a home. 

BO Once Upon Final
Once Upon A Time – more girly and sweet, and I have to admit the pink and purple unicorn makes me way, way too happy =)

BO Scaredy Cat Final 
Don't Be A Scaredy Cat! –  I can't believe how many requests I've had this summer for Halloween themed creations!  I'm not sure if scrapbookers are getting ready for this year or trying to catch up, but I'm happy to oblige. 

BO Sleepy Yet Final 
Sleepy Yet? –  a simple little border for sleep-overs…which always come with that inevitable "aren't you sleeping yet?" moment.  These patterns were created by Little Scraps of Heavens Designs.  Positively darling, but definitely a little more work when I'm cutting by hand!

SS ABC 123 Full Set 
ABC 123 – only one Simply Set for this week, but I've got so many more planned as soon as I can fit them in.  I'm not sure which I love more – the piecings or the paper!

And now, I'm at the part of the week  I enjoy the most…a clean slate, a jotted list of what I'd like to maybe do for next week and new inspiration from my paper stash.  I've still got new Disney paper that hasn't been touched, as well as a gorgeous and glittery new Fall line. 

I can't wait to see where it takes me!

Shameless plug: I've been creating layouts, kits and custom scrapbooks for others for over 6 years now, and I still love it!  I list new items weekly on eBay, and am also available for custom work.  Just click on the little "email me" on the left side of the computer screen to send me a message for more information.