Hark Blackboard SignThis has been a spectacularly un-crafty Christmas for me. I usually try to make a few gifts…or ornaments…or something and this year, it just hasn’t happened.

I’m okay with it – I have been striving for a simplified season, after all. And really, I sort of don’t have time or space to create. We have some changes coming after the beginning of the year…moving Tom’s office to the church and out of the house, starting Caleb at a new private school…and I’m intending to move my craft stuff into the home office.

This morning, the phrase “Hark! I hear the sound of reindeer hooves.” has been stuck in my head. It’s something I remember my grandfather saying every year on Christmas Eve,  just before Santa miraculously arrived at my great-grandparent’s home, always with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Honestly, he might have said it all of once…when I was five or six…but it’s stuck in my memory and something I wanted to share with my kids.

I love the chalkboard trend, and this treasure trove of tutorials and freebies made it easy to put together a simple little sign. I printed out a copy at home so I can put it up now, but I think I’m going to add it to my next batch of photos (because my printer does a horrible job). I added it to a red clipboard frame and it’s perfect.

No stress crafting? I could get used to this!