Meltdown – Week One


My dear husband has this habit of volunteering me for things.  It's not really a big deal, but sometimes these things he volunteers me for grow a bit.

The FUMC Meltdown is one of those things.

From today until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I'm going to be heading to the church once a week to weigh in the staff members, as they  lose weight in a competition based on the Biggest Loser (without the insane non-stop workouts).  Sounds easy, right? 

Then husband dear suggested I could write a quick weekly blog on the weight loss, healthy eating and all that other stuff.

If you know me at all, you know I don't do things half way.  I need plans…and logos…and lists!   There's nothing quick about it, but I'm still excited to do it.

Before I get started, let me just clarify: I am in no way a doctor, nutritionist, trainer or..well…professional anything.  So take my advice with a grain of salt and a glass of common sense.

Since this is the first week, I thought perhaps I'd share a few thoughts on getting started.  For me, there's no planning, no wrapping my head around it, no psyching myself up.  Making the choice to eat better, move more and lose weight…it's one of those Just Do It! things.  Here's the thing:  planning isn't doing.  It's an every day – heck, every meal – choice.  I have to make the choice every single morning that I'm going to exercise.  I have to make the choice at every meal that I'm going to control the size of my portions.  And I have to make the choice toward healthier snacks, and also have to choose not to eat when I'm not hungry.

If you're making that Just Do It! choice, I also recommend not going overboard.  Lasting change isn't generally drastic change, at  least where nutrition and weight loss are concerned.  I'm all about Baby Steps – small changes that you can master and add to. 

Two baby steps to start out with…

  • Get Real…about what you're eating.   Real change can't happen until you're honest about exactly what and how much you're eating.  Track what you eat each day – either in a small notebook, open up a file on your computer or use an online tracker.  I'm currently using Livestrong and have used Sparkpeople in the past, but there are others out there.  Weight Watchers also has an online program for a fee. 
    The simple act of writing it down (or typing it in) can be such an important form of accountability – for me, even more than my weekly weigh in.  For it to work, though, you have to do it. 
  • Get Moving…I really don't think you can lose weight or be healthy without exercise.  Fitting it in isn't easy, nor is actually doing it.  I don't like to exercise, but I know that I feel better and have more energy when I do. 
    Start small and if you have to, start slow.  Don't just jump into a long workout from a stationary lifestyle – too often, we set ourselves up for failure when we hurt too much to maintain it.  Work your way into, and work it into you schedule.  Take 10 minutes and walk around the block, and add a bit each day.  Hit the gym and build your time on a machine, whether it's a treadmill, elliptical or bike.  Find a workout DVD you like (I'm currently using the 30 Day Shred), and even if you can't do everything, just keep moving until you can. 
    Decide to get exercise 3 days this week, then 4 next.  Write goals down and track your progress towards them.  Exercise is on my to-d0 list at least 5 days each week, and I enjoy checking it off more than anything else I accomplish that day.