project life: looking forward

Cover Page


I started Project Life last year, full of good intentions…that lasted until about May.

I’ve been doing monthly pages since, and it’s worked out better for me. It’s more sustainable for me when it comes to the time I can give the project, and I honestly just don’t feel the need to document every little thing and scrap of paper that comes into our home. I also don’t have a dedicated scrap space anymore – I’m pushed into a corner of the library at the moment – and that makes a huge difference in what I can get done.

Week 4 Page 2

I love having this album to look back on, even though it’s still a month or two behind. I was peeking through it the other night and it’s even more special considering some of the losses we’ve had this past year (that I still need to document). That peek back also helped me realize I want to really focus more on people and less on stuff.

Week 9 Left Page

For 2013, I’m seriously considering going all digital and having photo books printed for each of the kids and one for us. I was considering a collage photo layout with a journaling layout per month, but I really love ease and framework the templates that are available and the childhood editions too. My tentative plan is to continue with a monthly layout, and possibly add in an extra two page layout for any special events, trips or holidays and maybe an extra one for family members in general.

Have you tackled Project Life this year? What are your plans for next year?


Project Life: Week 10

Oh, Project Life, I certainly hadn’t intended to get this far behind!

Life has been crazy. Absolutely crazy. And I think perhaps the method I was using to keep me on track – taking notes on my iPhone in Evernote – just wasn’t the right one for me. I’m a paper and pencil person, and I’m making some adjustments that will hopefully help with the notetaking part of things.

But week 10…which already seems so long ago.

I’ve been obsessed with turquoise and red forever – at least since middle school. It just seemed to work for this week, and I love the way it looks against kraft.

The week’s Week in Review card – This is my favorite slot to fill each week, and it’s the one I do last. It tends to be the leftovers that make up our week full of those little things that maybe don’t have pictures but are important for one reason or another.

The whole right side is about Sunday School. It was a big deal in the life of our little church that we have Sunday School for the kids again after many years. There’s also a card about a prayer vigil we had this week – not something I felt it would be appropriate to photograph, but wanted to include. There’s also some more personal journaling on the inside of the folded Memories card at the bottom.

I also included a Dagoba chocolate wrapper – I’m a bit of a dark chocolate snob and don’t consider much of anything below 80% to be worthy of the name. This Dagoba is my new, unfortunately ridiculously expensive favorite.

From a visual standpoint, this week is one of my favorites. It’s also when things started to fall apart a bit and I started getting really behind. This week, I’m working on getting caught back up, in bite sized pieces.

First up?

I came up with a daily log space for each day and notes about memorabilia on the front and a sketch of the Plan A page protectors on the back. Today, I jotted notes for all of the weeks I missed, and I’ll start sorting, planning and editing photos this afternoon. I’m also going to use this log from here on out for taking notes each week – I’ll just leave it out on my desk and jot things down as I feel the need. I’m crossing my fingers that this keeps me more up to date.

What’s Project Life? It’s a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins to simplify memory keeping. Quite simply, it’s awesome. All of my Project Life posts can be viewed here.

Project Life: Week 6

I felt a little bit behind going into this week – I’d meant to get it all put together at the end of last week, came down with a cold and did nothing for a few days…which meant that when I put this one together earlier this week, I was taking pictures and notes for the current week, editing photos and planning layout for last week and physically working with this one.

I didn’t like it.

At all.

I’ll definitely try to avoid having 3 weeks in the works at once again.

I forgot to snap a photo of each layout, but here are a few favorite cards or pockets from the week:

You have no idea how happy this made me. Hubby didn’t even blink when I asked him to grab me a menu or business card from the restaurant he ate at in San Francisco. He even took a picture of his lunch =)

And Caleb’s little daily to-do list. He even asked me if I wanted to keep one. I love that I’m finding little treasures on my desk to add to our Project Life.

A little collage in Photoshop and a business card.

And that’s a cinnamon roll Caleb is eating. It was a special treat and ridiculously HUGE!

I couldn’t pick when it came to Hanna’s first Winter Formal photos, so I ended up using the Style G page protector as an insert. There are a few more photos on the back and I’m going to have her do the journaling back there when I can get her to sit down for a few minutes.

And Style G? It makes an awesome insert. I’ll definitely be filing that idea away for our Spring Break trip and summer vacation.

And, of course, our week in review. I’m trying to add in a few happenings in the world – last week, the Super Bowl and the death of Whitney Houston this week. I realized recently that my favorite part of the baby book my mom kept for me is when little bits of the world at large peek through.

How are you coming with your Project Life?

What’s Project Life? It’s a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins to simplify memory keeping. Quite simply, it’s awesome. All of my Project Life posts can be viewed here.

Project Life: Week 4

A whole month documented, more or less.

This week? It was all about just getting it done. We’ve had a couple of crazy weeks, full of sick kids and meetings and drama and it’s just been exhausting. This week, I didn’t care about coordinating or themes or anything other than just getting it done.

And I still love it.

Lots of journaling directly on the photos – something I did as I pulled photos off the camera during the week. The pictures in the top left and bottom right were collaged in my ancient version of Photoshop…

and on this one, I used a little digital paper file. Not quite sure I like that exact color – I should pick up one of the Project Life digital sets to pull things together a bit more.

This is what I love most about Project Life – my haircut, a Tweet of a Caleb quote and a reminder about an asthma attack. It’s minutia, really, but it’s the sort of stuff I find so interesting.

I love this second page – the reminders that we live in an agricultural area with the kids picking oranges with their Great-Grandpa and chicken eggs from my parent’s house…a spelling test…a really, really big omelette…the firepit at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

This is the stuff of memories.

Still able to get that Week In Review card in – I love that I can jot down a bit more that I want to remember. Also, had to capture our new vaccuum. I don’t think you ever truly realize how bad the old one is until your first run of the new one.


A couple of thoughts:

  • I’m finally working in some quotes, Tweets and Facebook status updates.
  • Also, I’m making a point to work in more memorabilia. Love that Caleb’s spelling test just happened to fit in perfectly. For next week’s, I’ve got my notes from Wednesday night Bible study and one of those cup holders from Whole Foods.
  • This week, I’m starting to work on picking a month’s worth of photos for a single layout to catch up these past few years that I haven’t scrapped. Not sure if I’m going to use Project Life protectors or maybe a combination of the Doodlebug ones. I’m thinking easiest would be the 6 4×6 layout.
  • I told my Mom recently that I don’t see myself going back to “regular” scrapbooking. This feels so much more natural and organic, and maybe even authentic.

What’s Project Life? It’s a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins to simplify memory keeping. Quite simply, it’s awesome.

All of my Project Life posts can be viewed here.

Project Life: Week 3

On to week 3 – and it’s a very boy heavy one. We finally went back to school after nearly 4 weeks of Christmas break, which means my 5 day a week buddy came back and so did my bigger nephews that I take to school and pick up each day (need to get a picture of that!). We also had another cousin come over to play and a birthday party…so it was a boy week for us.

The first page – now that I look at it, it’s all about obsessions. Caleb’s Halo obsession, our current tv faves, a new running obsession and my nephew’s corndog phase. Who knew?

A couple snaps of the tv screen this week. Easy peasy.

 The second page – a bit about a much needed weather change, a little block about my nephew’s birthday party and pictures of the kid’s school bags (held together in a 4×6 pocket with a few labels).

And smudged. Boo.

This week’s Week in Review card – it ended up on the first page this week and as a 4×6. I’m working hard to make sure they get in each week, but am not going to be too particular about where it ends up.

A couple of thoughts:

  • no memorabilia this week – need to work on that, but I’m having trouble choosing to edit photos to make room.
  • trying to select one or two colors that work well with the photos to tie things together. I think it worked well this week.
  • I’m spending about an hour and a half total on this project – and it seems to be split pretty evenly between choosing and editing photos and putting it together. I’m taking notes each day in Evernote on my iPhone, which is making it so much easier.

And a quick snap of week 4…

PL: on your mark, get set, go!

I shared a bit about deciding to tackle Project Life this year – and wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on until my first photo order arrives.

And, please…forgive the pics. I’ll get around to taking real ones soon, once I’ve got a bit more to share. For now, Instagrams will do.

The cover page – I’m still not 100% positive I love this. Pretty sure it’s the stickers for the title – I’m fighting the urge to pick up one of the digital kits and print something. I had really hoped to work in the lyrics to Seasons of Love from Rent, but I’m calling it done. I think I’ll add them in throughout the album when I have an extra space or two. The empty space will be filled with another family photo at the end of the year.

Journaling cards – sooo…I could pretty much make these I wanted to have a little stash of already decorated ones on hand, for when weeks get crazy. I learned with my December Daily album how much I really enjoyed working on a more mini level (as opposed to a larger 12×12 layout), and this is really cementing it for me. I see myself going forward with this format for my non-Project Life albums also – I’ve got 2 in-progress vacation albums and one other that needs to be started.

Photo and journaling organization – I’m trying to offload photos from my camera every day or two, picking out the ones I’ll use, then labeling the file and adding it to my To Print folder. I’m still planning to print every two weeks, but I’m getting sort of anxious and will probably place my first order this weekend.

I’m tracking days with Evernote. At the moment, I’m starting a new note for each week and jotting things down each day. If I keep each week in its own note, I think that should keep me on track.

In progress – I probably need to find a better way to organize memorabilia than shoving it in my wallet. I’m also trying to figure out the best way to add in a few tweets or facebook status updates every so often. It seems like I saw a digital set that would work well, but I can’t remember where and didn’t pin it. I’m also debating whether I want to print out a weekly page to give me a good over-view – but I’m wondering if it would help keep everything else on track or just muddle what already seems to be working.

Before I started Project Life, I really questioned the scrappers who claimed it revolutionized their scrapbooking.

I don’t anymore.

In just one week, it’s changed the way I think about the day I’ve lived, the things I’ve done, the minutia that makes up our family life.

 I love it.